Chinese New Year Gala news release

Detroit Celebrates the Year of Horse at COBO


   Governor Rick Snyder and 450 celebrants attended Detroit Chinese Business Association’s (DCBA) “Year of the Horse” Gala at COBO’s Grand Ballroom February 27th.   Jerry Xu, president of DCBA, welcomed the numerous business leaders and professionals from both US and China.  Hai An City, just outside Shanghai, even sent a delegation led by the mayor of this city of one million, to celebrate DCBA’s Chinese New Year in Detroit.

   Come six bells, the Lion dance troupe heralded the start of the gala with an excitement that filled the Grand Ballroom!  And grand that room was: filled with regal red decorations, a Chinese lantern at every table, and a giant golden Chinese character for “Horse” as the stage background.   The entertainment continued bringing Chinese even more visual, audio, and dancing culture to downtown Detroit.

   Governor Rick Snyder in his keynote expressed, especially to the Chinese visitors, that, “You can feel the hospitality of pure Michigan, and you can find valuable business development opportunities in Michigan.”  The Governor made it clear that Michigan has the red carpet laid out for Chinese investment and business development right here in Detroit and throughout Michigan.  He said, “"It’s events like this that continue the dialogue in a more informal fashion, because (building business) is about (fostering) relationships.”  A surprise treat for all was the Governor’s daughter Kelsey who welcomed the guests from China and introduced Michigan and “her dad” in Chinese, no less.

 Mayor Lu Weidong from Hai An City expressed his city’s growing delight with Michigan and promised a warm reception to anyone from the gala who visits his city.  Then, Ken Barrett, Chief Diversity Officer for General Motors; Eddie Wang, Board Member of Dimension Development International, and Heather Paquette, Managing Partner of KPMG all extended their receptivity to doing business with China.  Michiganders are keenly aware that China is our largest Overseas market and everyone knows that China sales kept General Motors afloat.

   Detroit Chinese Business Association (DCBA) is a 19-year-old non-profit organization that focuses on developing and promoting US-China business, trade, and investment.  Jerry Xu, DCBA’s president, noted that “the turnout of both Americas and Chinese is a clear sign of optimism about prospects for business in Michigan.”  Detroit’s revival was glittering proof and a big surprise to our visitors from out of town, including Washington and New York.  To keep the ball rolling, DCBA is accessible all year round and is building a platform for matching buyers, sellers, and investors.  DCBA prides itself on promoting Michigan’s offerings of automotive, health, environmental, tourism, real estate, and education at events, like the gala, several times every year.  These events break down barriers then promote trust and knowledge leading to closing transactions, and they are fun!