Chongqing Signing Ceremony Report

Report by A Joshua Chiatovich

On Thursday, June 25th at the Oakland County executive offices The DCBA co-hosted an event welcoming a delegation of distinguished guests from Chongqing to Oakland County. The event was held in order to establish a working and friendly relationship between the two areas and sign an agreement establishing a branch of the "International Academy" in Chongqing. The small-scale event brought together esteemed government officials and professionals from Chongqing and Oakland County.  Special guests included Mr. Weng Jieming the executive deputy mayor of Chongqing and Mr. Matt Gibb the deputy executive for Oakland County.

To begin the proceedings the president of the DCBA, Mr. Jerry Xu thanked all the attendee's for participating and invited Matt Gibb to say a few words. Mr. Gibb welcomed the delegation from Chongqing, stating that he has already been to Chongqing and found it to be a beautiful city. Mr. Gibb spoke positively of the relationship between the two areas, praising the initiative in Oakland county schools to teach children Chinese language and culture. Next Mr. Zhang Zhikui, the deputy secretary general of Chongqing spoke. He described both the physical beauty of the city as well as its economic role in the future of China and possible cooperation between Oakland county and Michigan. Following Mr. Zhang was Mr. Tang Zongwei of Liangjiang. Mr. Tang mentioned that Liangjiang is the fastest growing area in China and warmly welcomed everyone in attendance to come visit!

After formal speeches were given the signing ceremony for the new International Academy in Chongqing was held, marking further cooperation between these two areas. Before the event ended, 13 year old Chanel Stevanovich (daughter of DCBA Business and Community development officer Milan Stevanovich) gave a short speech in mandarin in which she expressed her desire to attend the new International Academy in Chongqing. Impressed by her language ability and desire to learn, Mr. Weng jieming himself extended the "cute young lady" an invitation to come study in his city!

With the signing of the agreement between Chongqing and the International Academy, Oakland County and Chongqing have greatly furthered their collaborative relationship. Marking a big step toward future collaborations between the two and strengthening already strong business ties between China and S.E Michigan.