Overflow Crowd For Chinese American Real Estate Event at DTE Energy HQ

Detroit Chinese Business Association Holds First Event of its Kind

Last Friday morning, a beautiful appointed room at DTE downtown Headquarters was the scene for a couple hundred guests who came together to network, listen and learn about the current economic climate and key real estate indicators in Michigan. Investors, financial advisors, real estate professionals and others assembles to hear from DTE and the Farbman Group on the roles Detroit and Michigan will play in not only becoming relevant in our national economy, but actually leading the way on several economic fronts, including: automotive, IT, health services, defense and others.

Say Goodbye to the "Rustbelt Economy"

DTE Executive VP Ron May led off the event with a bridf description on how DTE has been working with both government and the private sector to mitigate economic barriers and open up opportunities for all business interested investing in Detroit and Michigan. Mr. May commented on how DTE intends to become a better neighbor in its physical location by leading economic development on the "west end" of the central business district(ctd). These statements were encouraging as Detroit's commercial districts and neighborhoods need business interest collaboration to provide economic opportunities for those interested in being a part of " the new Detroit".

Mr. Andy Gutman, President of Farbman Group, also presented on just now far Michigan and Detroit had traveled since 2009 when automakers were declaring bankruptcy and the city unemployment rate was in the mid-teens. Mr. Gutman provides statistics and important data describing Detroit and Michigan's economic comeback, job growth, unemployment decline, real estate stablization and overall return to a more robust economic outlook in the near future. Mr. Gutman's assertion that our economy had turned the " proverbial corner" was welcomed news to those in attendance.

David Farbman Casts The Audience As A " Group of Hunters"

David Farbman is a hunting enthusiast. While most in the audience didn't acknowledge they hunted, Mr. Farbman emphasized that in a sense we s all hunters in how we establish a goal and set out to accomplish it. David's presentation included several citeria in which to become successful in on's personal hunt: " 1. Get above;Get clear. Rise above the personal emotions that keep us grounded. 2. Identify Obstacles. Every project has obstacles to identify and overcome. 3. Leverage. When we leverage our relationships, knowledge, etc., we can accomplish infinitely more. 4. Real Time Precision. It's much easier to accomplish a goal when staying on top of the item until its successful conclusion. 5. Hunt Together. Life is a contact sport and goals are accomplished quicker and more effectively when using ope(other people's espertise).' Upon concluding his presentation, when he asked audience "who hunted", almost the entire group of attendees raised their hands. David Farbman stepped off the stage to a thunderous ovation, showing a remarkable "target focus" on his audience for the entire presentation.

DTE Provides Answers and Incentives to Provide Economic Opportunities

Mark King, DTE's Economic Development Manager, provided the final presentation on how DTE works hard at being considered a valuable asset in the discussion of those organizations leading the way for economic expansion in Detroit and throughout its service area in Michigan. Following Mark's presentation, he deftly fielded several questions from the audience regarding their concerns on policy, pricing and procedures, the organization implements in conducting its business. Mr King, as a gracious host, remained in the room afterwards and attempted to assist audience members with their additional questions and concerns. At the end, DTE provided resources and information to those who needed such assistance.

Building Bridges for Greater Cooperation between Business Groups

While it's doubtful any real estate "changed hands" at this meeting, it was a great opportunity for Chinese business and their supporters to meet those in charge of owning, managing, leasing and/or selling local, community and statewide properties. Business transactions are built on a foundation of personal relationships, mutual respect, familarity with market knowledge, trust and other factors. The event at DTE allowed those in attendance the chance to begin to establish those key relationships and foster the necessary foundations on which trust is built and transactions can be consummated. With this first step built, one hopes it won't be too long before another such event is held in the very near future.


Robert E. Mattler, Associate Broker, Attorney and Leed AP BD+C, is Director of Green Brokerage at Armada Real Estate Services in West Bloomfield, Michigan and a board member of the local Detroit Regional Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Bob Speaks, writes and abvocates about emerging sustainable real estate and economic development issues in Michigan and elsewhere. For more information, contact Bob at Armada Real Estate (248)8551221 or by e-mail: bmattler@armadarealestate.com