DCBA Hosted the Tour of Downtown Report

Report by A. Joshua Chiatovich

On Monday July 13th the DCBA hosted a tour of downtown Detroit. The tour was attended by local business leaders as well as very special guest Mr. Li Jinkui. Mr. Li is the consultant for the China Mayors Association and also serves as the deputy director of the China Urbanization Strategy Research Council. The tour was graciously provided by Quicken Loans group and lead by “Detroit Ambassador” Bruce Schwartz. 

During the tour participants were shown all the ways in which the city of Detroit has made and is making vast improvements. Many aspects of the city were on display. From the renovation and re-purposing of older buildings downtown, to the new and quite amazingly beautiful more recent additions to our city.

Participants were also made privy to the ways in which Detroit is making gains from a public safety standpoint. Culturally, the tour provided a platform to showcase all of the breathtaking art that is currently on display throughout the City. Much of the discussions of the day focused on the future of Detroit and the increasing feeling that it is our city that is poised to become the Mecca of business and culture for America’s Midwest.

Participants of the tour were unanimous in their positive impression of a growing, improving Detroit. Mr. Li himself was extremely impressed by our city stating that his mind was completely changed from the false impressions of our city he had gathered from the media. Mr. Li commented that he saw a Detroit that is “clean, safe, artistic and very welcoming of visitors to the city”.  Mr. Li further expressed that he will be showcasing video footage of the tour and sharing his positive impression of Detroit at his upcoming presentation to the China Mayors Association!

It was a Monday in the city of Detroit. The weather was clear and comfortable and the city was shining in the light of the sun. Business people walked to and from meetings while children played in the park. It was a vision of Detroit that so many people see every day yet so many more do not even know exists. We at the DCBA are proud to play our part in welcoming the world to Detroit and showing them the beauty and potential of the city we proudly call home.